The 8 kayakers will be paddling for up to 10hrs a day, travelling approximately 50-60 km a day.
They will be followed by a 4 man support team consisting of a medic, videographer and 2 resting kayakers to assist with setting up camp, supply runs, medical issues and more – leaving the kayakers to get on with the task at hand.
Collective achievements:

• 342 days rowing across the Atlantic Ocean

• 13 tours of Afghanistan

• 129 years in the military

• 6 world records

Cayle Royce MBE / +44 (0)7786 151 476

Cayle spent 10 years in the military, deploying to Afghanistan as a sharpshooter as part of the Brigade Reconnaissance Force. He was injured when he stepped on an IED in 2012 losing both his legs above the knee.

By rowing across the Atlantic Ocean twice, skippering one of the teams, he has accumulated 95 days at sea in a rowing boat.

He flew a paramotor across Kenya, down the length of the West Coast of the USA and the length of Britain from John o’Groats to Lands End.

World Record Cayle has achieved:

First and fastest amputee to fly a paramotor from John o’Groats to Lands End

First double amputee to row an ocean more than once

First disabled crew of four to row any ocean

Lee Spencer aka Frank / +44 (0)7968 347 965

Lee served for 24 years as a Royal Marine. He completed operational tours of Northern Ireland, was a section commander in 40 Commando in the initial invasion of Iraq and 3 tours of Afghan as a volunteer for Special Duties.

He lost his right leg below the knee when he was hit by a car whilst aiding casualties in a car crash on a motorway. He was a Colour Sergeant when he was medically discharged in September 2016.

Skills and achievements:

Rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in 46 days gaining a world record: the Worlds 1st physically disabled crew of 4 to row an ocean

Will be rowing from Gibraltar to Venezuela solo, unsupported, in an attempt to gain a further 2 Guinness World Records

Jungle War fare trained, having been deployed to Borneo on a month long exercise

Neil Heritage / +44 (0)7792 632 401

Neil spent 11 years in the military, deploying to Bosnia, Northern Ireland and 2 tours of Iraq working as an electronic specialist as part of a bomb disposal team.

He was injured, losing both legs above the knee, following a suicide bomb attack in November 2004. He now works as a fitness instructor teaching able bodied clients on a residential bootcamp course.

Skills and achievements:

Rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in 51 days as part of team Row 2 Recovery in 2012

In 2015 he set up Climb 2 Recovery – assisting injured soldiers in their rehabilitation and helping them gain qualifications to work in the outdoor industry

Made 2 attempts to become the first person with his injuries to summit the Matterhorn

Marty Wilson / +44 (0) 7828 681 074

Marty served in the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment with tours of Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In February 2011 he had been patrolling on his 3rd Afghan tour when he was shot in the head, suffering severe head injuries which resulted in the loss of basic communication and process skills. He spent over a year at Headley Court Military Rehabilitation Centre undergoing treatments including speech and occupational therapy. Slowly Marty regained the ability to speak, read and write but still processes slowly.

Ever since Marty has fundraised for the Not Forgotten Association events, including:

Summiting Kiliminjaro

Running the New York Marathon

Competing in the Marathon des Sables in 2017

Tom Richardson / +44 (0)7906 995 045

Tom started his military career in 1973 by joining the local army cadets. He found real enjoyment and felt that he finally belonged somewhere. He joined the Parachute Regiment in 1979 and after passing his training he was posted to 2 Para and was a full corporal when he left in 1988.

Tom’s tours included the following:

1982 Falklands

1983, 1987 Belize

1984 America, Washington state, carried out exercises and parachute jumps with The Rangers

1984, 1985 Northern Ireland

1985 Oman

1986 Kenya

Darren Swift, AKA ‘Swifty’ / 07979391261

Swifty joined the 1st Bn Royal Green Jackets in 1982. He served for 10 yrs. before being medically discharged as a result of injuries received in an IRA IED explosion in Belfast. He lost both legs above knee, a couple of fingers and received various other blast injuries.

Over the last 27yrs and in between work opportunities as an actor Swifty has been involved in various expeditions both research and adventure including the 1997 Coppermine River Canoe Exped in the Northwest Territories, Canada and a solo unsupported traverse of Iceland using a Handcycle.

He has also participated in a number of outdoor sports and activities. These include Canoeing, Hand-Cycling, Skydiving, Sit-skiing and Snowboarding.

Swifty was the first Bilateral Above Knee Snowboarder in the world and has competed at the highest level in International Adaptive Snowsports. He is now working towards attaining his coaching qualifications and developing Adaptive Bindings to allow other Bilateral Above Knee amputees to be able to participate in Snowsports.

In 2003 Swifty achieved a gold medal competing in the British Skydive Championships as a member of a Freefly Team.

He works as an actor in TV, Film, Theatre and is a public speaker and workshop facilitator. He is also a volunteer for the Not Forgotten Association and an Ambassador for BLESMA.

Lee John Waters AKA ‘Lucky Lee’ / +447780468235

Lee served 21 years in the Royal Marines and completed tours of Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan, Lee was also a section commander during the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003 and specialised as a Mountain Leader delivering mountain and cold weather warfare and survival training to 3 Commando Brigade on numerous winter deployments to Norway and the Himalayas. 

Lee was shot three times (face, hand and foot) during his last tour of Afghanistan, although physically healed the psychological effects coupled with survivors guilt would later haunt him and eventually cut his service short due to being diagnosed with clinical depression and PTSD, he was medically discharged in 2016.

Skills and achievements:

2012 Completed the 125 Mile nonstop Devizes to Westminster kayak race in a K2 double with his troop commander from their last tour of Afghanistan who was a triple amputee, raising money for charity and were awarded the sir Louis and lady Gluckstein trophy. 

Completed four London Kayakathons raising money for Military charities.

2014 Paddled from Port En Bessin Normandy to Portsmouth as part of the Royal Marines 1664 Challenge to celebrate 350 years of service by the Royal Marines.

2017 Participated as a sea kayak guide on both Cockleshell Endeavour and Frankton 75 paddling the Gironde river in France retracing the Cockleshell Heroes raid from WW2 and raising money for military charities

2018 Lead the Sea Kayak phases as part of the team for the Norway75 Expedition, paddling and cycling the length of Norway visiting and retelling Commando and Special Operations Executive raids of WW2.

2018 Took another former Royal Marine and PTSD sufferer on a four-day Canoe expedition in Southern Ireland from Cavan to Athlone, self-sustained wild camping with white water.

Jungle warfare instructor

Level 1 Kayak and Canoe coach

Level 2 Sea Kayak Coach

Sea Leader and ISKGA Advanced Guide

Level 5 Wilderness first responder

Markus Strydom MC / +44 (0)785 1401 913

Markus spent 8 years in the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, deploying to Afghanistan as a section commander within the Reconnaissance Platoon. In June 2012 he was shot twice and hit with a hand grenade whilst clearing a compound of insurgents. 

Since leaving the army he works closely with the personal recovery unit in Colchester: sharing his experience and advice about leaving the army and joining the civilian workforce.

Skills and achievements:

Markus was awarded the Military Cross for actions taken in the line of fire

Matthew Tomlinson CGC MC MSM / +44 (0)7402 007 698

Prior to retiring from Her Majesties Royal Marines in Jan 2017 Matt became one of the UK’s most highly decorated serviceman holding
the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his actions in Fallujah, Iraq whilst attached to the USMC and also the Military Cross for several actions during
one of two tours of Afghanistan. He was also awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, citing his inspirational and highly experienced leadership forged from 28 years of Royal Marines Commando service and extensive operational experience.

Skills and achievements:

Matt has lived alongside PTSD since 2005 following Operations in IRAQ and Afghanistan – hence his support and passion for the Not Forgotten Association

Currently serving as a paramedic assistant on a front line Ambulance for the South West Ambulance Trust

Supported bereaved families and injured servicemen as well as assisting injured Marines during their path to recovery

Proud trustee of the Not Forgotten Association

Completed the New York Marathon each year from 2014 – 2018 in support of the Not Forgotten Association

Oliver Blackmore / +2773 938 1236

Oliver has spent the last 8 years working across Africa in mining & related fields. No stranger to operating in remote & challenging environments, Oliver is familiar with hardship and adventure.

An all-round natural sportsman, he is proficient in a multitude of extreme sports disciplines. He relishes a challenge; his ‘can-do’ attitude, strength of character, dependability, enthusiasm and practical hands on approach makes him a valuable member of the team.

Skills & achievements:

Oliver is Head of Logistics for this adventure. His determination and focus so far has been unprecedented

Shane Chadwick / +44 (0)7748 097 624

Shane Is from Perth, Western Australia. He has been working on super yachts for the past 7 years and a couple of years ago rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in 46 days with Theo. Any task he takes on he is sure to complete it. He is looking forward to this next challenge.

He is a professional marine engineer and will therefore be the team mechanic, maintaining the support boat.

Skills & achievements:

Finished 3rd out of 9 places, rowing across the Atlantic Ocean • Currently working as Chief Engineer aboard a super yacht

Hobbies include ski diving, scuba diving and surfing

Dr Will Jelbert / +1 (657) 242-5601

Will is the expedition’s medic, overseeing the health needs of all
the team members. He was trained in South Africa and has worked extensively in many areas during his career, from remote rural villages to busy private hospitals in big cities. He has extensive experience
in emergency medicine and a passion for wilderness and expedition medicine. 

Skills & Achievements

Will is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys hiking, camping, mountaineering, trail running, cycling, scuba diving and skiing.

He has summited Kilimanjaro, and attempted Mt Rainier in America.

He is also a keen amateur photographer and enjoys documenting his travels.

Theo Jones / +44 (0)7450 075 614

Theo wrote a bucket list a few years ago: Rowing the Atlantic was the hardest challenge he could think of. Once he had finished that adventure, it left him wanting more.

He has navigated himself to all sorts of different places around the globe upon the high seas whilst working on super yachts for 10 years and loves the sense of adventure it gives. Kayaking the length of the River Amazon as part of this team will be a once in a life time experience.

Skills and achievements:

Project manager of this Amazonian adventure

Currently works as a Navigational Officer aboard a super yacht • Has summited Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya

Rowed across the Atlantic ocean in 46 days