In August 2020, to celebrate the centenary year of The Not Forgotten, a 12 man team of 8 injured ex-servicemen will kayak 3,500km down the Amazon River.

Our Mission

On the 25th July 2019, Team Forces of Nature hosted a Gala Evening at the Honourable Artillery Company with a Royal reception hosted by Her Royal Highness The Princes Royal. This event was the launch of this epic campaign.

This event raised over £100,000 for the adventure.

A special thank you to Her Royal Highness for her enthusiasm with our adventure!

In August 2020, to celebrate the centenary year of The Not Forgotten, a 12 man team of 8 injured ex-servicemen will kayak 3,500km down the Amazon River.

Paddling for up to 10 hours a day, they will not only be battling fatigue and the intense tropical heat and humidity of the jungle but also the mental and physical challenges that will be intensified in one of the wildest and most remote parts of the globe.

The Amazon basin can be a very hostile environment: armed tribes protecting their territories; potential attacks from river pirates; and of course, the abundance of wild life ranging from malaria carrying mosquitoes to jaguars, crocodiles and 30ft long anacondas.

Between the team members they have accumulated over 340 days rowing across the Atlantic Ocean; over 25 tours of The Falklands, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan combined, plus various different tours and operations around the globe. They have almost 130 years of military service between them.

This fascinating team set out to bring awareness of the brilliant charity and the fantastic work that it does and the ongoing, critical need for support for ex-servicemen and women in the UK.

The Plan

The total distance of the challenge is 3500km and will take 60days to complete. Team Forces of Nature will kayak across the South American continent from Nauta (Peru) through the Amazon Basin in Brazil to the Atlantic coast.

The Route: Nauta to Macapá

The team will set off in the middle of August 2020. This will ensure a positive amount of water flow and plenty of camping options along the river banks. Once the team have all arrived at the start line and are acclimatised to the jungle, they will head for the Peruvian/Brazilian border (7-10 days). From that point they will endure approximately 6 weeks of what every the jungle will throw at them.

For the first 2700km the river will be flowing continuously downstream allowing the kayakers to paddle for 10hrs a day, coving 50-60km. Once the team reaches Obidos, the river becomes tidal for the last 800km. This will restrict the team to paddling every 6 hours until they reach the mouth of the river.

The main risk and danger to be expected are pirates and robbers. There are plenty of examples in the past of people being shot at if not murdered. Security is the number one priority!

The team will vote for the position of skipper and 2nd in command after adequate training.

The tidal element will bring more risk to an already dangerous adventure. Wind against tide can cause capsize. As the river will be wide enough, from this point on for large ships to navigate so the team will be negotiating their way through an increased amount of traffic.